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Tim is Rock & Roll's legendary bassist that put the bottom end and drive in bands such as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck Bogert, Appice. These stand out among his lengthy list of performance and recording credits.

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In January 1999, Tim Bogert was inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk of Fame
In October 2006, Tim Bogert and Vanilla Fudge were inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame




Tim shares photos from his personal collection. It's new for 2000, but Tim will be adding more and more as time permits! Check it out!

View past stories that have been a part of Tim's web site.. and his life.


Tim Bogert

August 27, 1944 - January 13, 2021


Note from the webmaster:

"On January 13, 2021, Tim passed away after a long battle with cancer. When Tim retired in 2009, he asked me to take this site down. I refused. I wanted his legacy to live on. We struck a deal that I would convert it from a dynamic site to a static tribute site. That is why this site has remained the same for over ten years. I created this site in 1997 as a fan site without Tim's knowledge. He discovered it a few months later and declared it his official site. It was created with tools of the day. I was and still am a rank amateur at building web sites, it was and is a hobby. Tim is my hero, that is why I created the site in the first place. I never was able to keep up with technology, yet Tim stuck with me as his webmaster, and we remained friends all these years. I spoke with him only a few days before his passing. He deserves much better, but because he stuck with me, I will leave the site as it is in his memory, the way he remembered it. Maybe some other fan, way more skilled than I, will create a site more befitting, and I am cool with that. I will keep this site alive as long as I am alive. Folks who know me will know why. God bless you Tim."

Pete Bremy

Welcome to the official web site of Tim Bogert. Tim is the truly legendary rock bassist that put the thunder bass and amazing vocals in so many classic rock bands such as Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck Bogert Appice. Tim and drummer Carmine Appice are one of the most famous rhythm sections in rock history. Visit the biography page for his full story.

In August, 2005, Tim was involved and injured in a serious motorcycle accident. Following a lengthy recovery, the trouper that he is he returned to touring with Vanilla Fudge in 2007. Sadly however, lingering problems resulting from the accident have forced Tim to reluctanly retire from touring. He is currently living in Simi Valley, California and still does session work locally and over the Internet. Tim can be contacted via his Facebook page.


Tim is on Youtube! Just search "Tim Bogert", "Cactus", "Vanilla Fudge"....


Excerpt from the June, 2009 issue of Bass Player Magazine. Badass Rock Bassist Billy Sheehan said the following in an interview...

"If your timing is locked, you can get away with almost anything. James Jamerson, Paul McCartney, and Tim Bogert are classic examples of players using the entire fingerboard while serving the song. And there are times when it's a blast to cut loose. Players who can't or don't play a lot of notes shouldn't frown on those who do, and vice versa."

Pick up the June edition of Bass Player magazine for the entire interview with Billy Sheehan, a self-described disciple and friend of Tim's. Also, check Tim's scrapbook for photos of Tim and Billy being inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame in 1999, along with many other bass greats.


Vanilla Fudge was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame on October 15, 2006 along with other greats, including Billy Joel, Joan Jett, Richie Havens, George Gershwin and many others!




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